Breaking: Pa. Supreme Court Rules Ill Will / Malice Not Required To Establish Bad Faith


PITTSBURGH, Sept. 28— The Pennsylvania Supreme Court declined to require a showing of intentional ill will or malice to establish  bad faith claims against insurers in Pennsylvania, calling such ill will merely a factor in the analysis.

In Rancosky v. Washington National Insurance, the Court affirmed the  state’s Superior Court which held that an insurer’s motive of self-interest or ill will is only one factor that can be considered in an analysis of potential bad faith conduct under Pennsylvania’s bad faith statute.  The Superior Court  held that Washington’s predecessor, Conseco Health Insurance Co. did not have a reasonable basis to deny medical benefits to LeAnn Rancosky for the treatment of her ovarian cancer, or to refuse to honor a waiver of premium provision in her health insurance policy following her diagnosis.

Rancosky sued the insurer in the Pa. Court of Common Pleas in 2008,  and her estate later won  $31,000 jury verdict on breach-of-contract claims.  Conseco won the bench trial at that level on the bad faith claims however, after the trial judge ruled that Rancosky demonstrated no ill will or actual malice on the part of Conseco in the handling of her claim.

In affirming the Superior Court and sending the case back to the trial court under the clarified bad faith test, Justice Max Bear noted:

“We do not believe that the General Assembly intended to create a standard so stringent that it would be highly unlikely that any plaintiff could prevail thereunder when it created the remedy for bad faith. . . Such a construction could functionally write bad faith under Section 8371 out of the law altogether.”

The Supreme Court confirmed a long standing two part bad faith test first announced in a prior Superior Court ruling in 1994 in the case of in Terletsky v. Prudential.  In Terletsky, the Court held that  an insurance company’s bad faith was established when   the insured demonstrates that 1.) the insurer lacked a reasonable basis for denying benefits under the policy, and 2.)  the insurer knew or recklessly disregarded its lack of a reasonable basis in denying the claim.

The Supreme Court affirmed the intermediate appeals court finding that dishonest purpose or motive of self interest was not a third element of the Terletsky standard, but rather an element that could be considered as part of the second prong of the Terletsky test.

Rancosky v. Washington National Insurance Co., case number 28 WAP 2016


Federal Judge Denies Bifurcation of Bad Faith / UIM Claims


WILLIAMSPORT, Sept. 20  — A Pennsylvania federal has refused GEICO’s motion to sever and stay bad faith claim after finding that judicial economy would not be served, and that no prejudice would occur to GEICO if the bad faith and UIM claims were tried together.

In David Newhouse et al. v. GEICO Casualty Co., No. 17-477, M.D. Pa., 2017 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 150793, U.S. Middle District of Pa. Judge Matthew Brann denied GEICO’s request to bifurcate the case, which was originally filed in state court, but removed by GEICO to the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania.

On March 16, 2015, GEICO insured David Newhouse was operating a rental car when he was struck from behind by a car driven by Joseph Haywood.  As a result of the accident, Newhouse alleged he  suffered a number of injuries. Haywood’s liability  insurer tendered his $15,000 limit of his insurance policy to Newhouse.  The policy Newhouse had with GEICO provided $100,000.00 in UIM coverage, stacked for two vehicles, for a total of  $200,000 in UIM benefits.

After the Haywood tender, Newhouse  demanded the $200,000.00 policy limit he had with GEICO.  GEICO responded with an offer of  $10,000,  after which Newhouse filed suit for breach of contract and bad faith.

Judge Brann rejected GEICO’s argument that the breach of contract and  bad faith claims were “wholly distinct” from one another and severing the claims would promote judicial economy:


“Newhouse’s bad faith claim is based on GEICO offering $10,000.00 as the UIM settlement amount and failing ‘to act with reasonable promptness in evaluating and responding’ to Newhouse’s demand.  While the two claims are grounded on similar findings of evidence, they are nevertheless separate claims.  Thus, litigation on the bad faith claim is not contingent upon success of the breach of contract claim. . .  For example, documents concerning how Newhouse’s insurance claim was handled, documents reflecting the claims adjuster’s determination, and how GEICO arrived at its settlement value would be relevant for both claims.  Contrary to GEICO’s contention, bifurcating these claims and consequently requiring two separate discovery processes would be a waste of both judicial resources and time.”

Judge Brann also determined that GEICO would not be prejudiced by denial of the motion to bifurcate, sever, and stay.

David Newhouse et al. v. GEICO Casualty Co., No. 17-477, M.D. Pa., 2017 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 150793

UM/UIM Plaintiff Fails to State Bad Faith Claim, Federal Judge Rules


Philadelphia, Sept. 6 – A Pennsylvania federal judge has ruled that a UM/UIM insured has failed to state a bad faith claim against State Farm Insurance arising out of the handling of her UIM claim.  In Myers v.  State Farm Automobile Insurance Company, federal judge R. Barclay Surrick granted State Farm’s 12(b)(6) motion to the complaint, but granted the insured plaintiff leave to file an amended complaint.

The insured filed a UIM claim with her insurer after sustaining injuries in an auto accident.  After failing to reach agreement on the settlement of her UIM claim, the insured filed breach of contract and bad faith claims against State Farm in Philadelphia County Common Pleas Court.   In the complaint, the insured alleged State Farm’s failure to act with reasonable promptness or to act with reasonable fairness, as well as the failure to conduct a proper investigation.

State Farm removed the action to the Eastern District of Pa., and filed a motion to dismiss  the bad faith claim pursuant to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 12(b)(6).  Judge Surrick, in granting the motion, observed that “[t]o survive a motion to dismiss, [the insured’s] complaint must include factual allegations from which the Court may plausibly infer the unreasonable and intentional or reckless denial of benefits.”  The judge found the plaintiff’s allegations to be conclusory at best, observing that the complaint failed to describe the ways and means in which the insurer allegedly failed to properly investigate her claim.  The complaint also, Judge Surrick observed, failed to cite to any specific transactions or contact between the insured and the insurer which would factually make out a bad faith claim.

The Court concluded that even if it took the averments  the insured’s complaint as true, it was unable to  “plausibly infer from those facts that [insurer] acted unreasonably and intentionally or recklessly in denying benefits to [the insured].”  The Plaintiff was granted leave to attempt to amend her complaint to allege sufficient factual support for her bad faith claims.

Myers v. State Farm Mutual Automobile Ins. Co.,  No. 17-3509, 2017 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 143794 (E.D. Pa. Sept. 6, 2017) (Surrick, J.)

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Judge Rules No Bad Faith In Insurer’s Low But Reasonable Valuation of UM/UIM Claim


PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 17 – A Pennsylvania state court judge has granted summary judgment in favor of Travco Insurance Company, ruling that a $25,000.00 offer in a UIM claim which later ended in a $45,000.00 arbitration award was not so unreasonably low as to constitute bad faith.

In Boleslavksy v. Travco Insurance Co., Travco offered its insured $25,000.00 to settle a UIM claim in response to the insured’s  policy limits demand of $50,000.00.  After reviewing some additional information on the claim, Travco increased the valuation of the claim to $28,000.00 but did not change it’s offer in light of the policy limits demand.

The UIM case went to arbitration where the insured won an award of $45,000.00.  The insured thereafter  filed sued Travco for bad faith in the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas, arguing first  that insurer’s final settlement offer of $25,000 was inadequately low in light of the ultimate arbitration award, and second that Travco never notified the insured of the valuation increase.

Travco filed a motion for summary judgment, arguing that its offer and claims conduct were reasonable as a matter of law.  The Court agreed with the insurer, granted the motion and found Travco’s offer to be low but reasonable, and therefore not in bad faith.  The Court also found that Travco continued to reasonably evaluate information concerning the claim, and that offers of settlement which were made in the context of that information were not without basis.

Finally, the court ruled Travco had no obligation to increase its offer to $28,000.00 because the insured had unambiguously hewed to a policy limits demand, signaling no desire to negotiate.

Boleslavksy v. Travco Insurance Co., No. 151000886, 2017 Phila. Ct. Com. Pl. LEXIS 257 (Phila. C.C.P. Aug. 17, 2017) (Anders, J.)

Faulty Workmanship Not Occurrence, Travelers No Duty to Defend / Indemnify Real Estate Investment Companies, Federal Judge Rules


PHILADELPHIA,  September 1 — A Pennsylvania federal judge granted summary judgment Travelers Insurance last week, ruling it had no duty to defend insured real estate developers who were sued for claims of defective community living infrastructure construction.

In the breach of contract suit over coverage (bad faith claims had been dismissed earlier in the case), U.S. District Judge Mitchell Goldberg said that no coverage existed under the applicable Travelers insurance policies because the defective workmanship issues were not “occurrences” under well-established Pennsylvania precedent.

The insured plaintiffs, Northridge Village LP and Hastings Investment Co. Inc., bought and subdivided lots in Chester County, Pa., subsequently selling them to a builder.   Northridge built roads, storm water and runoff  management and other infrastructure for the planned community.

The community  association alleged defects with the construction of roads, drainage ponds, utility boxes, and other items, later suing Northridge and Hastings in Pennsylvania state court in 2013.  Northridge and Hastings then sought defense and indemnity for the suits under a commercial general liability policy with a $1 million occurrence limit, $2 million aggregate limit and $2 million products-completed-operations aggregate limit, as well as excess coverage of $2 million.  When Travelers denied the claims, Northridge and Hastings brought a coverage and bad faith suit against Travelers  in 2015.

Judge Goldberg dismissed the coverage suit, relying on what he called well-settled precedent stemming from a 2006 case, Kvaerner Metals Div. v. Commercial Union Ins. Co., 908 A.2d 888 (Pa. 2006).  Judge Goldberg held that under Kvaerner, construction workmanship issues did not constitute “occurrences”‘ within the meaning of the CGL policies, as they were not accidental, fortuitous events which the instrument of insurance is designed to cover:

 “Courts in this circuit have consistently applied Kvaerner and held that claims based upon faulty workmanship do not amount to an ‘occurrence,’ and thus do not trigger an insurer’s duty to defend … The same conclusion has been reached in this circuit in cases where the faulty workmanship results in foreseeable damage to property other than the insured’s work product…Given the weight of Pennsylvania and Third Circuit precedent, I conclude that the term ‘occurrence’ in defendants’ CGL policies and excess policies does not include faulty workmanship. Further, the definition of ‘occurrence’ excludes negligence claims premised on faulty workmanship.”

Judge Goldberg further held that even if a duty to defend were potentially triggered, that was mooted by a ‘Real Estate Development Activities’ exclusion which also appeared in the applicable policies.

Northridge Village LP and Hastings Investment Co. Inc. v. Travelers Indemnity Co. of Connecticut et al., (E.D. Pa 2:15-cv-01947)(Goldberg., J.)

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