Pennsylvania Asbestos Reinsurance Dispute Stayed Under First Filed Rule


PHILADELPHIA, March 3 — A federal judge has granted a motion filed by R&Q Reinsurance Company to stay a reinsurance coverage suit filed by St. Paul Insurance arising out of more than $10 million in asbestos – related payments made by St. Paul on behalf of an insured.  St. Paul sought reimbursement  from R&Q pursuant to a reinsurance treaty with INA Reinsurance, to which R&Q has become a successor in interest.

The case  has now been stayed pending the outcome of a previous case filed by R&Q in United States District Court in Illinois in 2015. That case is captioned R&Q Reinsurance Company, f/k/a Ace American Reinsurance Company, f/k/a Cigna Reinsurance Company, f/k/a INA Reinsurance Company v. St. Paul Fire & Marine Insurance Company (No. 15-cv-07784, U.S.  N.D. Ill.).

U.S. District Judge Judge Joel H. Slomsky originally denied the motion to stay in the Pennsylvania action  on Dec. 18, but vacated that ruling as part of a decision he rendered on a motion to dismiss subsequently filed by R&Q in Pennsylvania .  R&Q sought dismissal or stay in Pennsylvania  pursuant to the first filed rule, citing to the Illinois litigation filed in 2015.

St. Paul had already filed and fully briefed a motion to transfer venue in the Illinois proceeding.  Judge Slomsky stayed the Pa. proceeding pending rulingson jurisdictional motions in the Illinois action.

St. Paul Fire and Marine Insurance Company v. R&Q Reinsurance Company, No. 15-cv-5528, E.D. Pa. March 3, 2016.


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